Charles Beterams has been buying and selling records and memorabilia on a professional basis since 1997, when he opened up a small store named Crazy Diamond in the centre of the historic city of Delft,The Netherlands. Collecting Pink Floyd since the 1980s, he started buying extra copies and selling them in his 1990s student years.

The brick-and-mortar store in Delft closed down in 2001. By then adventures on the world wide web, combined with a busy agenda in the heyday European record fairs and the startup of a record label called Tonefloat meant it was no longer workable to work within a store. Business moved. Things changed.

Tonefloat has since become a household name for contemporary vinyl collectors with classic releases by acts like Porcupine Tree, Roger Waters, Anja Garbarek and Travis & Fripp, not to forget his favourites and raison d'être The Use Of Ashes, to name a few.

His love for memorabilia opened with the publication of two books on Pink Floyd and the start of a book publishing company. Over the years he has acquired collections of memorabilia and magazines. binds his love for vinyl and memorabilia.