Wizardo: Stories Of A Bootlegger - Regular Edition


Wizardo: Stories Of A Bootlegger - Regular Edition

Publishing Date : 20 September
Pre-orders copies will be out mid September

216 Pages
170gms Heavyweight Silk Paper
8.5x11inch Format
Gold Foil Printed Linen Hardcover

Regular Edition

By 1969 bootleggers were no longer pirates with whiskey tucked into their boots, or 1930's Chicago gangsters selling prohibition licqour. The new breed were hip young Californians making and selling rare and mysterious vinyl records which had nothing to do with the featured artistes or their record companies, much to the annoyance of the established record industry and the FBI.

These bootlegs were the ultimate in cool, and John Wizardo was a major player. In this detailed and often hilarious book, Wizardo takes us through the heady, and sometimes even dangerous world of the life and times of an all American bootleg legend, and also includes a painstakingly researched and illustrated discography from his glory years.

Turn on your mind, relax and float upstream into the chaotic and anarchic world of Wizardo Rekords!